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Panty liners MoliMed® Premium and Comfort of Hartmann, diff. Sizes

Panty liners MoliMed® Premium and Comfort of Hartmann, diff. Sizes

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Product details for panty liners

The anatomically shaped panty liners MoliMed® Premium and Comfort of Hartmann, with textile-like outside, be used in mild / moderate bladder weakness.

Properties of the panty liner

  • with antibacterial, pH skin neutral Dry Plus fleece
  • geruchsbindendem superabsorbent core
  • full-surface fleece cover
  • white, liquid outside
  • anatomical fit
  • soft foam cuff in the crotch area in mini, midi and maxi
  • offer perfect protection and reliable comfort
  • protect against rewetting
  • Discreet to wear
  • with wide adhesive tape easy to fix in underwear
  • hypoallergenic
  • dermatologically tested

Areas of application of the panty liner

  • for light to moderate bladder weakness
  • as protection after vaginal interventions
  • as comfortable, leak-proof liner after childbirth

Difference of different. Pantyliners

  • MoliMed® Premium = white, textile-like and liquid-impermeable outside - breathable due to micropores
  • MoliMed® Comfort = white, liquid outside

Size information of the panty liner

  • Ultra Micro = 16 x 8cm
  • mirmco light 22 x 10 cm (individually wrapped)
  • micro 37 x 10 cm (individually wrapped)
  • mini = (individually wrapped premium version) 26 x 11 cm
  • midi = 33 x 13 cm
  • maxi = 43 x 16 cm