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Care Zone disinfectant wipes by Dr. Schumacher, 15 pieces

Care Zone disinfectant wipes by Dr. Schumacher, 15 pieces

Artikel Nr: DSM 01-323FK-T015
PZN Nr: 10354733
EAN Nr: 4260241962338
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Product details for disinfecting wipes

The Care Zone disinfectant wipes Dr. Schumacher disinfect hands, skin and surfaces such as Doorknobs, toilet seats, etc. fast and reliable.

They are ready, conveniently packed and they are suitable for quick use at home or as a reliable companion in the car, in the office or while traveling. The aldehyde-free formula is kind to the skin, leaving a pleasant fragrance and a silky soft feeling.

Properties of the disinfecting wipes

  • Wipe size: 200x105mm (material: Airlaid)
  • With an exposure time of 30 seconds eliminates the
  • highly effective formulation enveloped viruses, such as influenza virus,
  • Vaccinia viruses, HBV, HCV, HIV and H1N1, and bacteria
  • (Incl. TBC) and fungi (Candida).
  • Use disinfectants carefully. Before use always
  • Read the label and product information.
  • Dermatologically tested

Applications of disinfectant wipes

  • for rapid disinfection of skin and surfaces