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Descosept Pur Industrial wipes, disinfectant wipes with o. without dispenser

Descosept Pur Industrial wipes, disinfectant wipes with o. without dispenser

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Product details for disinfectant wipes for the food industry

Descosept Pur Industrial Wipes by Dr. Schumacher are ready to use wipes which are impregnated with an alcoholic disinfectant.

They can be used wherever a rapid disinfection without residues is desired. There is no need to rinse surfaces after application of Descosept Pur Industrial Wipes.

Descosept Pur Industrial Wipes hence are ideal for disinfecting conveyor belts, packaging lines, plastic boxes, scales, handles, work surfaces and alcohol-resistant machines and equipment surfaces, as well as measuring devices or operating panels.

The effectiveness of the Descosept Pur disinfectant solution has been extensively tested and meets the requirements of the HACCP concept. In addition to its effectiveness against bacteria and yeast, enveloped viruses, rotaviruses and noroviruses are also safely and quickly deactivated. The tolerability of Descosept Pur for the skin has been confirmed by a dermatological test.

Descosept Pur Industrial Wipes are easily recognizable by their blue colour and therewith prevent their accidental inclusion with food. A great advantage over spray disinfection is the avoidance of aerosol when using the product.
Descosept Pur Industrial Wipes use a dispenser system with a patented extraction point that keeps the wipes from drying out and enables their easy removal as required. The wipes are non-staining and therewith also meet the requirements of the HACCP concept.

Properties of disinfectant wipes

  • effective against influenza viruses 
  • aldehyde-free
  • ready to use 
  • active against all enveloped viruses 
  • aldehyde free 
  • residue free

Range of Applications of disinfectant wipes

  • disinfection and cleaning of alcohol-resistant surfaces and materials
  • Particularly suitable for the food industry and kitchens due to the perfume and residue-free formulation

Expose Time of disinfectant wipes

  • Data refers to the Descosept Pur disinfectant solution:
  • Bactericidal / yeasticidal
  • acc. to EN 1276/EN1650/EN13697 1 min.
  • Bactericidal / yeasticidal acc. to DVG guidelines 2007
  • Meat production (10/20 °C) 5 min.
  • Dairy sector & canteen kitchens (20 °C) 5 min.
  • Tuberculocidal (EN 14348) 30 sec.
  • active against all enveloped viruses
  • incl. HIV, HBV, HCV, influenza viruses 30 sec.
  • Rota viruses (EN 14476) 30 sec.
  • Noro viruses (EN 14476) 1 min.