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Schülke Hand Disinfectant Desmanol® Care, fragrance free, 1000 ml

Schülke Hand Disinfectant Desmanol® Care, fragrance free, 1000 ml

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Product details - Desmanol® Care Hand Disinfectant

The innovative hand disinfectant desmanol® care by Schülke, convinces with its reliable effect and unique ProPanthenol complex, which optimally protects and cares for the skin with every application.

Due to the frequent hand disinfection, especially in the hospital or in medical practices, the skin suffers at these points, often by the alcoholic formula, very strong. With this nourishing hand disinfection this problem is now solved. Schülke has managed to combine a care complex and a high microbiological effectiveness. Desmanol® care activates cell renewal, has an anti-inflammatory effect and offers sustainable care in both hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. In addition, the disinfectant with provitamin inhales panthenol quickly and leaves a smooth and moisturized skin feel.

But not only the care is here in the foreground, but also the broad spectrum of activity, which inactivates Norovirus within 15 seconds. It therefore offers optimum and safe infection protection in all hygienic areas and can be used all year round. In addition, Desmanol® care is a ready-to-use, perfume- and dye-free and tested drug which is VAH-certified and IHO-listed.

Properties of Hand Disinfectant

  • ready for use
  • perfume and dye-free
  • liquid
  • absorbs quickly
  • with high microbiological activity
  • with a broad spectrum of activity
  • limited virucidal PLUS
  • inactivates noroviruses in 15 seconds
  • with provitamin panthenol
  • cares for the skin
  • activates the cell renewal
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • with long-term care protection
  • improves the skin structure - looks smoothed
  • moisturizes
  • Care effect clinically confirmed
  • a year-round product
  • IHO List
  • VAH certificate
  • 1000 ml standard bottle

Ingredients of Hand Disinfectant

  • 100 g of solution contain active ingredients: Propan-2-ol 70.0 g, Ethanol 96% 9.9 g, Other ingredients: Purified water, Tetradecane-1-ol, Cetylstearyl alcohol (Ph. Eur.), Sorbitol solution 70% critical (Ph. Eur.), dexpanthenol, methyl ethyl ketone

Applications of Hand Disinfectant Desmanol® Care

  • for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection
  • in the hospital
  • in the care sector
  • in medical practices
  • in all hygienic areas