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Schülke Mucadont® FLUID Instrument care spray, CFC-free, 400ml

Schülke Mucadont® FLUID Instrument care spray, CFC-free, 400ml

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Product details for Mucadont® FLUID Instrument care spray

The instrument care Spray Mucadont® FLUID by Schülke is used for sensitive instruments, it provides protection against corrosion and glued or not smeared.

Properties of instrument maintenance

  • spray
  • with innovative fluid formula
  • protection and care
  • for sensitive materials
  • Ensuring value and function
  • corrosion protection
  • Value and function
  • excellent creep
  • no sticking
  • no smearing
  • seconds to apply
  • examined microbiologically - guaranteed without affecting the sterilization result
  • KZKW-free
  • Ingredients: medical white oils according to the purity requirements for the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB 1996), special care additives, propellant: propane, butane

Application of instrument maintenance

  • for maintenance of instruments
  • u of sensitive metallic instruments, joints