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Schülke Esemfix® surface disinfection / purification, foam, 5 liter

Schülke Esemfix® surface disinfection / purification, foam, 5 liter

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Product details for Esemfix® disinfectant surface cleaning

The disinfecting surface cleaner Esemfix® by Schülke, provides strong cleaning power, good material compatibility and acts quickly in bacteria and fungi.

Properties of surface cleaner

  • foam cleaner
  • Disinfection and cleaning in one step
  • based on alcohols, fruit acid and surfactants
  • ready
  • strong cleaning power
  • good material compatibility even with artificial leather, furniture veneer, plexiglass etc
  • leaving streaks nachwischbar
  • with special fresh scent
  • effective against bacteria, fungi (DGHM Guidelines for shorter contact times) 2.5 min
  • 100 g contain: 12.6 g ethanol (94% strength), 17.4 g of isopropyl alcohol, 0.13 g malic acid, <5% anionic surfactants

Applications of surface cleaner

  • Disinfecting cleaning of medical devices [0297] in all areas where hygienic cleanliness
  • treatment Room
  • examination tables
  • countertops
  • reception area
  • Sanitary and social rooms
  • laboratory equipment
  • Spittoons in dental practice