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Kinesiology Grid Tape 102 Cross-Patches various Sizes Colors

Kinesiology Grid Tape 102 Cross-Patches various Sizes Colors

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Kinesiology tape is for example for pain relief used for sports injuries, muscle and joint problems bruises.

KS Grid Tape 102 Cross-Patches various Sizes and Colors

The kinetic grid tape was developed from the traditional Asian healing methods out.To compensate for imbalances of the body were developed out of this kinetic Grid tape.

Even in physiotherapy and sports has set shortly after applying the patches pain reduction and improvement of movement restrictions imposed by previous exposure or injury.Due to their simple and fast operation, the cross-patches have been proven in practice.

Features:The grid tape is made of a skin-friendly fabric.The medical acrylic adhesive has been dermatologically tested and is liable on several days.Behind nuisance no adhesive residue and is easy to remove.

Fields of application:Sports injuriesRheumatic diseasesDiscs problemspainosteoarthritisarthritisdislocationsRestriction of the movementJoint inflammation / arthritisjoint degenerationheadachesnerve treatment

It is glued to the known painful points (ashi points) acupuncture points and trigger points in muscle. As a result, an increased blood flow to the lower layers, such as skin, muscles, ligaments, capsule, etc. conceded.

The different colors play a secondary role in the therapy unterstüztend be selected for each treatment.Pink: activating effect, warming, stimulatingBlue: affects cooling, soothingBeige / Nature: neutral effect

Important! Before the mesh tape is applied to the treatment area, the skin must be free of grease and dry.Hairy bodies should always be removed, otherwise a grip can not be guaranteed.