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MaiMed Set, 10x 100pcs nitrile gloves, incl. dispenser - L / 1-fach

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  • MA76913SET-005
  • 4251240881638
The contained nitrile gloves are available in the sizes S-XL . They are latex and... more

Product details of nitrile gloves + dispensers

The set by MaiMed includes 10 boxes of nitrile gloves MyClean ni-touch blue with 100 disposable gloves each and a practical glove dispenser for either 1 or 3 glove boxes.

The contained nitrile gloves are available in the sizes S-XL . They are latex and powder-free, colored blue and have a textured finger area for a perfect grip. In addition, they can be carried with both hands and are used in restaurants, large kitchens and households.

The glove dispenser provided can easily be attached to any wall and is available as a single or triple - Execution available. It enables quick access and easy removal of individual gloves . With the 3-dispenser version, there is even the possibility of equipping it with 3 different glove sizes. The transparent acrylic material of the dispenser provides a clear overview of the glove sizes contained.

Properties of the nitrile gloves

  • non-sterile
  • made of nitrile
  • powder-free
  • latex-free
  • micro-roughened surface
  • textured finger area
  • high grip
  • stretchable
  • tear-resistant
  • ambidextrous
  • length. approx. 245 mm
  • color. blue
  • 100 pieces in a box
  • EN 455-1
  • AQL 1.5
  • CE marking

Areas of application of the nitrile gloves

  • for non-medical areas
  • for everyday work
  • for for domestic nursing, cleaning work
  • for domestic use
  • for food preparation - gastronomy and in large kitchens

Properties of the glove dispenser

  • made of acrylic
  • for screwing or gluing
  • easy removal of the gloves
  • quick access
  • 2 variations: 1-way for 1 box or 3-way for 3 boxes & nbsp;
  • Size 1-way: 246 x 81 x 164 mm + / -4 mm, 3-fold: 246 x 81 x 410 mm +/- 4 mm
  • without fastening material

Areas of application for the glove dispenser

  • for practical storage of glove boxes
  • for quick removal of gloves
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The north German MaiMed GmbH has a wide range of products for medicine, hygiene and care. Here in the shop you will find, for example, high-quality medical protective clothing such as disposable gloves made of latex, nitrile or vinyl, face masks or surgical caps. Incontinence pads or mattress protectors with wet protection are also available. We also carry disinfectants from MaiMed, from hand disinfection to rapid disinfection. Buy famous brands like MyClean at great prices. Bandage materials such as fleece compresses or gauze bandages are also available. Consumables such as tongue depressors or kidney dishes complete the range.

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