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Schülke wipes dispenser, box/bucket, sizes/pcs

Schülke wipes dispenser, box/bucket, sizes/pcs

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Product details of disinfectant wipes dispenser

Schülke Wipes dispenser, as dispenser box or bucket, is used for the production of wet wipes for surface disinfection and forms with the impregnated wipes a safe wet wipe dispenser system.

This practical dispenser system is used in all fields of medicine such as e.g. in hospitals, old people's homes, emergency services or medical practices and is used for the cleaning and disinfection of non-invasive medical devices and surfaces of all kinds.

Depending on requirements and application, different sizes of containers are available, which can be equipped with different Schülke Wipes nonwoven rolls.

Properties of disinfecting wipes dispenser

  • available as a bucket or box
  • with secure lid with latch
  • easy and fast filling
  • Cover with additional removal opening
  • Single cloth removal
  • everywhere operational
  • Life with attached solution up to 28 days
  • medical device
  • for Schülke Wipes 40, 70, 100 or 111

Instructions for using the Schülke Wipes dispenser system

  1. Disinfect hands and put on fresh protective gloves and gowns
  2. Open the lid of the wet wipe dispenser and insert the nonwoven roll
  3. Pull out the innermost cloth a little bit
  4. Then carefully and spirally pour the ready-to-use product / solution over the nonwoven roll
  5. Pull the cloth from point 3 through the star-shaped removal opening of the lid and discard
  6. Place the lid on the dispenser and close - locks in place
  7. Close the protective cap of the sampling system
  8. After 30 minutes, the cloths are completely soaked
  9. Document the selected application concentration, exposure time and filling date on the label provided and stick it on the appropriate field

Versions of disinfecting wipes dispenser

  • Dispenser box for schülke wipes 70
  • Dispenser box for schülke wipes 100 or 111
  • Dispenser bucket for schülke wipes 40 (mini) or 70
  • Dispenser bucket for schülke wipes 100 or 111

Areas of application of disinfecting wipes dispenser

  • for independent filling of Schülke surface disinfectants
  • for surface disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices as well as surfaces of all kinds

important NOTE

  • The reprocessable systems are not suitable for use in risk areas
  • The disinfectant preparation used must be tested for its suitability for risk areas