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Mobile stainless steel disinfection dispenser touchless hygiene station

Mobile stainless steel disinfection dispenser touchless hygiene station

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Product details for hygiene station

The hygiene station is particularly impressive due to its elegant and elegant design and the fact that it offers many options for individualization. The integrated disinfection dispenser can be used without contact.

Properties of the hygiene station

Thanks to the associated disinfectant dispenser with an infrared dispenser system, the hygiene station enables hands-free disinfection. The dispenser system is at an optimal height for the hands and can be rotated 360 ° so that it can be tailored to your requirements.
The dispenser is refillable and has a filling volume of 225ml. With the smallest adjustable amount of disinfectant dispenser, this is sufficient for approx. 330 pumping batches. The dispensing volume can be set between the following levels: 0.6ml, 1.7ml, 4.6ml and 6.25ml.

The entire hygiene station is made of high-quality solid stainless steel (VA2 1.4301) from Thyssen-Krupp and therefore does not provide a breeding ground for germs and can be cleaned effectively. The Hgyiene station is also easy to set up and has a secure stand thanks to non-slip rubber feet under the footplate. If desired, the stainless steel footplate can also be anchored to the floor through the existing boreholes.

Overview of properties:

  • non-contact hand disinfection
  • refillable 225ml infrared dispenser system (battery operated with 4x AAA batteries)
    0.6 - 6.25ml adjustable dispensing quantity per pumping stroke
  • removable drip tray
  • Dispenser placed at hand level
  • made entirely of Thyssen-Krupp stainless steel, antibacterial
  • Dispenser can be rotated through 360 degrees
  • secure stand thanks to rubber feet, additional anchoring to the floor possible thanks to drill holes
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions 1063x43x245x180x3mm

Operation of the disinfectant dispenser

Please note the following before using the dispenser system:

  • Please only fill with liquid, high quality disinfectant, do not use a viscous disinfectant gel. Only then will it function properly and be guaranteed.
  • Please use the dispenser system at least 1-3 times a day.
  • Please never run the dispenser system without liquid.

The dispenser system can be switched on by holding the black button in front of the filler cap for 3 seconds. After switching on, the system starts with the smallest amount of thrust (0.6ml).

If you want a larger thrust quantity, this can be achieved by pressing the ON / OFF button again. The thrust amount increases gradually to 1.7ml, 4.6ml and 6.25ml. If you then press the ON / OFF button again, the system switches back to a thrust volume of 0.6 ml.

To turn the system off, press and hold the ON / OFF button for 3 seconds.

Note: If the disinfectant is expelled from the dispenser, please form your hand and fingers closed into a hollow bowl and hold it under the dispenser until the disinfectant has expired.

Construction of the hygiene station

  1. Stainless steel tube with stainless steel base plate using the supplied 8mm Allen screw in the desired position (in the middle or on the edge). Firmly connect the 5mm Allen key.
    Attention: Please remove the protective film from the stainless steel footplate beforehand, if this is still available!
  2. Then take the holder (for collecting tray) and place the washer supplied over the drill hole of the holder. Then place the carrier rosette with the drill hole on the washer and the holder underneath. Then guide the second 8mm Allen screw supplied, through the rosette hole at the top, the washer underneath and the holder for the drip pan and screw it to the stainless steel tube using the Allen key. Before you tighten the screw, please put everything in the desired position and then screw it tight.
  3. Then put the supplied drip tray into the holder.
  4. Place 4x AAA batteries in the infrared dispenser below.
    Only use the supplied dummy battery if you want to reduce the disinfection quantity and reduce the pressure. Please note + (rounded side) and - (flat side).
  5. Then carefully insert the infrared dispenser into the carrier rosette so that the nose projects into the recess or matches. Adjust the dispenser carefully and firmly until it is firm and in balance.
  6. The disinfectant can then be poured into the filling opening. Attention: Please only fill the lid up to the lower edge!
  7. Only then press the on button and switch on, see operating instructions for dispenser.
  8. Important note: Drilled holes in the base plate at the respective corners are used for additional fastening (using dowels and screws, not included in the scope of delivery) in the floor area.

Scope of delivery of the hygiene station

  • 4xAAA batteries
  • 1x dummy battery
  • 1x Allen key 5mm
  • 1x infrared dispenser system including operating instructions
  • 1x stainless steel base plate (245x180x3mm)
  • 1x stainless steel tube (870x42.5x2mm)
  • 1x carrier rosette for donors
  • 2x M8 hexagon socket screw
  • 1x holder for drip tray
  • 1x drip tray
  • 1x washer
  • 1x assembly instructions in German for the hygiene station