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Schülke Mucapur®-Z neutralizer, citric acid, material compatibility

Schülke Mucapur®-Z neutralizer, citric acid, material compatibility

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Product details for Mucapur®-Z neutralizer

The neutralizer Mucapur®-Z by Schülke, based on citric acid is suitable for sensitive materials, removes residual alkalinity and is free of Tesiden.

Properties from neutralizer

  • made from citric acid
  • very gentle on the material
  • removes residual alkalinity
  • provides corrosion protection
  • prevents deposits
  • is free of surfactants
  • pH 2.5
  • Composition: special organic acid derivatives, auxiliaries
  • recommended by Miele

Applications from neutralizer

  • for sensitive materials, instruments and other goods after the alkaline cleaning
  • for use in WD (single-chamber machines and clock band washes)
  • Released for instruments of the company RICHARD WOLF