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Plurazyme enzymatic Instrument Cleaner by Dr. Schumacher - 2 Liter

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Content: 2 Liter (£14.32 * / 1 Liter)

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  • DSM00-147-020
  • 4260068629124
The high activity and stability of the multi-enzyme complex of Plurazyme in combination with... more

Product details for Instrument Cleaner

The Instrument Cleaner Plurazyme of Dr. Schumacher, suitable for manual processing thermolabile endoscopes and medical instruments of all kinds.

The high activity and stability of the multi-enzyme complex of Plurazyme in combination with highly effective surfactants ensures high cleaning performance and effectively removes biofilms and organic pollution of all kinds. The multi-enzyme complex are also stubborn stains by mucopolysaccharides such as Sputum and cervical mucus effectively eliminated.

Plurazyme is very low-foaming, thus ensuring optimum visibility of the instruments in the working solution. The virtually odor-free product is characterized by high material compatibility and a high degree of user-friendliness. The product can also be used without problems in an ultrasonic bath.

Properties of instrument cleaner

  • ph-neutral
  • material compatibility
  • odor
  • high cleaning performance by multi-enzyme complex
  • particularly high and stable enzyme activity
  • suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath
  • approved by STORZ

Range of Applications of instrument cleaner

  • for pre-cleaning of thermolabile and thermostable endoscopes
  • for the cleaning of medical instruments of all kinds
  • for the non-fixing pre-cleaning of instruments according to RKI recommendation

Exposure time of instrument cleaner

  • Cleaning of instruments and endoscopes
  • Dosage 0.25%
  • depending on the dirt up to 2%
  • Temperature: 15-60 ° C
  • Exposure time: 2 - 15 minutes
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The Dr. Schumacher GmbH from Germany has been known for many years for its products for the areas of hygiene, disinfection and care. We carry, among other things, disinfectants for hand and surface disinfection, disinfectant wipes, skin creams and lbs from this well-established manufacturer. The range also includes cleaning agents and disinfectants for technical devices, such as instrument milk or combination powder for instrument disinfection. In our shop you will find brands like Aseptoman, Cleanisept, Decontaman or Descoderm at affordable prices.

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Content 5 Liter (£8.73 * / 1 Liter)
£43.63 * incl. VAT £36.66 * excl. VAT

Versandgewicht 6 kg

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Versandgewicht 2 kg

plus shipping costs