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Prolind Intensive- rich creme sensitive, 100 ml tube

Prolind Intensive- rich creme sensitive, 100 ml tube

Artikel Nr: DSM 00-620WO-001
PZN Nr: 7753286
EAN Nr: 4260241960082
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Product details for Intesive rich creme

Prolind Intensive Pflegecreme sensitive is a water-in-oil emulsion for intensive and sustained care of strained hands.

W-O-creams generally build a lipid-containing protective-film against hydrophilic substances; therefore the cream is not only caring but it also supports the skin’s protective function.

The premium quality and particularly rich ingredients such as vitamin E, allantoin, panthenol and glycerin support the regeneration of the skin. The skin’s natural oils that have been washed off get replaced; the skin’s moisture gets bound so that it becomes smooth and supple.
Despite the rich formulation of prolind Intensive
Pflegecreme sensitive it is quickly absorbed which
allows for an immediate resume of work.

Prolind Intensive Pflegecreme sensitive is perfume-, colourant- and preservative-free; furthermore it is free from silicone oils and polyethylene-glycol (peg).

Properties of intensive rich creme

  • free from perfume and colourants
  • no preservatives
  • with avocado oil, panthenol, allantoin and vitamin E

Applications of intensive rich creme

  • for sustainable care of sensitive skin and allergy-prone skin