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Ratiomed Influenza A/B rapid test, nasal swab, test/Accessories, 1 Set


No longer available

Product number: MEG254020
EAN: 4250610509219
Weight: 0.3 kg
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Product details for Influenza A/B rapid test

The Ratiomed Influenza A + B rapid test, a set with a test card, pipette buffer swab and tube, has to influenza A and B antigens in nasal swab samples.

Properties of Influenza rapid test

  • A- and B-antigens
  • from nasal swab samples
  • Influenza A subtypes
  • Avian influenza subtypes H5N3, H7N3, H9N2 and H5N1
  • 1 Set: Influenza A + B test card, pipette buffer, sterilized swabs, extraction tube, leaflet

Applications from influenza rapid test

  • for the detection of induction A and B

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