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Remms glass-plastic cleaner, mild alkaline surfactant-free size choice

Remms glass-plastic cleaner, mild alkaline surfactant-free size choice

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Product details for glass-plastic cleaner

The glass-plastic cleaner from Remms, the surfactant-free cleaning in an ultrasonic bath is mildly alkaline and know a high material compatibility.

Properties of glass-plastic detergent

  • surfactants
  • mildly alkaline
  • high material compatibility
  • liquid
  • highly concentrated
  • pH 9.9, with 1%
  • demulsifying
  • biodegradable
  • Ingredients:> 10% phosphate, 1- <10% silicate, 1- <10% complexing
  • clear and colorless
  • Density: 1.21 g / ml
  • Viscosity: 5.4 mPa.s
  • Temperature stability: -6 to 100 ° C
  • Shelf life:> 6 years
  • Located: distillation residues, organic and inorganic residues, oil and grease-like contamination

Applications from glass-plastic detergent

  • a surfactant-free cleaning
  • for cleaning in an ultrasonic bath
  • also suitable for dipping, wiping and high-pressure cleaning
  • machinery, tools, equipment and parts in industry, handicraft and laboratories
  • for analysis and anywhere where surfactants are troublesome
  • for materials such as cells, parts and equipment made of metal, alloy, glass, ceramics, rubber, etc.