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Sänger Kids Hottie, Cuddly Owl Bob, true to detail, 0.8 L

Sänger Kids Hottie, Cuddly Owl Bob, true to detail, 0.8 L

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Product details - Kids Hottie Owl

The children's hot water bottle by Sänger looks like a real owl and is equipped with a natural rubber bottle with a small volume of 800 ml.

In the design of this beautiful owl, a lot of value was placed on the detailed reproduction of the feather gown and this is also more than successful, because you have the feeling of holding a real little owl in your arms. Thus, it offers itself as an ideal gift for girls or boys alike. The little ones will love this unique hot water bottle and like to use it as a comfort donor.

Furthermore, the cover is smooth on the back and has, for easy removal of the hot water bottle, a robust and wide-opening zipper. Likewise, it can be cleaned at 30 ° C in the washing machine and remains even after repeated washing still beautiful.

The supplied hot water bottle, made of natural rubber, was produced without plasticizer and as a whole body, free of adhesive or seams. This leads to increased safety, because breakages on the glued neck piece, as is often the case with other hot water bottles, will not arise here. The small volume, the natural rubber bottle, of only 800 ml is not so heavy after filling and can be safely placed on the child's tummy.

Properties of Hot Water Bottle

  • increased safety through production as a whole body
  • without glued neckpiece
  • completely seamless
  • made of natural rubber without plasticizer
  • smooth on both sides - for a quick heat release
  • durable
  • for 800 ml of water
  • TÜV type tested
  • Made according to B.S. Standard 1970: 2012
  • EN 71 tested
  • ISO 9001: 2008 certified

Properties of Hot Water Bottle Cover

  • uniquely beautiful owl
  • with beautifully finished plumage
  • Backside is soft and smooth
  • made with great attention to detail
  • with robust and long zipper
  • Washable up to 30 ° C - in the machine
  • Model: Owl Yellowbill Bob

Applications of Hot Water Bottle

  • especially for children - to cuddle and love
  • as a heat donor
  • in abdominal pain
  • for colds
  • with malaise
  • for the cold season