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Schülke Dishwasher Cleaner ACL, Chlorinated, Liquid, 2 Sizes

Schülke Dishwasher Cleaner ACL, Chlorinated, Liquid, 2 Sizes

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Product details - Dishwasher Cleaner ACL

The dishwasher cleaner ACL Schülke convinced by its strong and chlorine-containing formula and is mainly used in commercial kitchens, catering or the like.

It easily solves fouling of greasy or protein-containing food residues as well as stubborn soiling of coffee, tea and lipstick. Its chlorine-containing formula with complexing agent effectively prevents calcifications in the machine. It can safely be used for alkali-resistant dishes, utensils made of stainless steel, plastic or porcelain in the dishwasher.

The non-foaming dishwasher cleaner ACL is available in 2 canister sizes, 12.5 or 25 kg.

Properties of Dishwasher Cleaner

  • chlorinated
  • non-foaming
  • concentrate
  • excellent degreasing
  • easily removes protein residues
  • counteracts new deposits
  • removes heavy soiling from coffee, tea, lipstick etc.
  • Contains a complexing agent that counteracts limescale in the dishwasher.
  • Composition: Labeling according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: less 5% phosphonates, less 5% chlorine-based bleach. Contains potassium hydroxide.
  • Application concentrations: 0 to 9 ° dH: 0.1%, 10 to 19 ° dH: 0.3%, from 20 ° dH: 0.6%
  • liquid
  • light yellow
  • 12.5 kg or 25 kg canister

Applications of Dishwasher Cleaner

  • for commercial dishwashers
  • for alkali-resistant dishes
  • for stainless steel
  • for heat-resistant plastic
  • for porcelain with sturdy decorations

Note on Dishwasher Cleaner ACL

  • Not suitable for aluminum and alkali-sensitive materials.
  • In case of doubt the material compatibility has to be tested beforehand.
  • Only for commercial users.
  • The operating instructions of the machine manufacturer must be observed