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Schülke kodan tincture forte disinfectant spray skin, colorless, sizes

Schülke kodan tincture forte disinfectant spray skin, colorless, sizes

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Product details for skin antiseptic

The Schülke skin antiseptic kodan tincture forte, is an alcoholic, ready-u. Colorless solution for disinfecting the skin with long-term effect in 24 hours.

The spray is hypoallergenic and has a broad antiseptic spectrum of on. In addition, it has a very short exposure time of about two minutes, resulting in fast onset of action guaranteed. The antiseptic is used in many different areas for skin disinfection such as used before injections and blood sampling.

Properties of skin antiseptic

  • colorless
  • short action (interventions on skin rich in sebaceous glands: 2 min.)
  • Long-term effects of min. 24 hrs.
  • broad antiseptic spectrum of
  • rapid onset of action (15 sec. prior to injection)
  • good Inzisionsfolienhaftung after drying
  • very skin-friendly
  • bactericidal (incl. Tb), fungicidal (C. albicans)
  • limited virucidal "* (HBV, HCV, HIV, herpes simplex virus)
  • virucidal against rotavirus and adenovirus

Applications of skin antiseptic

  • for preoperative skin antisepsis
  • for postoperative suture care
  • before catheterization, injections, blood draws, punctures, excisions, cannulation and biopsies
  • to support general-hygienic measures under the prevention of fungal skin infections
  • for hygienic hand disinfection