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Schülke Microcount® Duo Contact Slides, Yeast / Molds, 20 Spcs

Schülke Microcount® Duo Contact Slides, Yeast / Molds, 20 Spcs

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Product details - Mikrocount® Duo Contact Slides

Schülke microcount® Duo micro-count® duo micro-counters, with convenient articulation for easy handling, are ready to use and are used to determine and detect the number of germs, yeasts and molds.

Its field of application lies in the microbiological monitoring of surfaces in hygiene areas of hospitals, food producing and processing companies, cosmetic areas etc.

The Kunststoffnährbodenträger, with bilateral agar, have a high sensitivity and can be safely used for increased hygiene requirements.

The result can be read very quickly and unequivocally by comparison with an evaluation panel without having to hire a trained staff. But it is also possible to pass on the nutrient media for follow-up examinations.

Mikrocount® Duo convinces through the combined determination of total germ counts and detection of yeasts and molds. The indicators are supplied in break-proof, environmentally friendly and sterile plastic tubes made of polypropylene (without PVC components) with 20 units per box.

Properties of Control Slides

  • ready for use
  • easy handling
  • with articulated joint - use the complete agar surface
  • usable on both sides
  • no preparation time
  • no trained personnel necessary
  • easy reading of the result
  • Results within 24 - 72 hours
  • safe in the sterile plastic tube
  • 20 h in a box

Fields of Application of Control Slides

  • for the examination of surfaces, semi-solid materials and liquids
  • for the combined determination of the total germ count and detection of yeasts and molds
  • hospitals
  • Food producing and processing companies
  • Kitchens and large kitchens (eg in the health service)
  • cosmetics industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Laboratories and institutes
  • Metalworking and related industry
  • paint industry
  • Paper and coating industry
  • textile industry
  • water treatment
  • household industry
  • Chemical / technical industry