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Schülke Octenisept® mucous antiseptic, colorless, painless, sizes

Schülke Octenisept® mucous antiseptic, colorless, painless, sizes

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Product details for Octenisept® mucous antiseptic

The mucosal antiseptic octenisept® by Schülke is colorless, painless to use and has a wide and rapid antiseptic spectrum of activity.

Properties from mucosal antiseptic

  • colorless
  • painless application
  • very good skin and mucosa compatibility
  • for babies, premature babies and children
  • applicable in pregnancy
  • broad antiseptic Wirkunsspektrum
  • rapid onset of action from 1 minute upwards
  • effective against bacteria including chlamydia and mycoplasma, fungi and yeasts, protozoa (Trichomonas), Malassezia, viruses (herpes simplex, HBV, HCV and HIV)
  • pH 6.0 +/- 0.5

Ingredients of mucosal antiseptic

  • 100 g solution contain: Active substances: (Ph. Eur) 0.1 g octenidine, 2.0 g of phenoxyethanol
  • Excipients: (3-Cocosfettsäureamidopropyl) -dimethlyazaniumylacetat, sodium gluconate, 85% glycerol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, purified water

Applications from mucosal antiseptic

  • prior to diagnostic and surgical interventions in the anode and urogenital area
  • before placing IUDs, in pre-, intra- and post-partum manipulations
  • before sclerosing hemorrhoids
  • prior to diagnostic and surgical interventions in the oral region (eg. as before tooth extractions or curettage)
  • transurethral before laying single and continuous catheter
  • for preoperative skin-Antisepik the mucosa close range (z. B. prior cesarean section)
  • also suitable as a wound-treatment: traumatic, acute, chronic and surgical wounds and burns

Container sizes from mucosal antiseptic

  • 15 ml bottle = octenisept® antiseptic before bladder catheterisation
  • 250 ml bottle = octenisept® mucosa without spray head (with Sprühkop: as a separate item in the shop)
  • 500 ml bottle = octenisept® mucosa
  • 1 liter bottle = octenisept® mucosa