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primasept® med hands-wipe disinfection schülke, skin-friendly

primasept® med hands-wipe disinfection schülke, skin-friendly

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Product details for hands-washing disinfection primasept® med

Primasept® med by Schülke is a hands-washing disinfectant and is like a soap for hygienic and disinfecting hands purification.

Properties from hands-washing disinfectant

  • Hands cleaning and disinfection in one step
  • high cleaning properties
  • even tenacious dirt
  • user-friendly viscosity - not drip
  • contains natural soaps - pH neutral
  • skin friendly and caring
  • Efficacy: bactericidal EN1040, MRSA, fungicidal EN1275
  • limited virucidal: HBV, HIV, HCV according to DVV / RKI Guideline

Ingredients from hands-washing disinfectant

  • 1-propanol (Ph.Eur.), 10.0 g
  • 2-propanol (Ph.Eur.) 8.0 g
  • Biphenyl-2-ol 2.0 g of
  • Hydroxyethyl cellulose (Ph.Eur.)
  • Edetate, (3-Cocosfettsäureamidopropyl) -dimethylazaniumylacetat
  • hydrogenated coconut fatty acid (C12 - C18)
  • potassium hydroxide
  • quinoline yellow
  • odorants
  • purified water.

Applications from hands-washing disinfectant

  • for hygienic hand disinfection and disinfectant skin cleansing