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2x Hot and Cold Compresses 13 x 14 cm Incl. 2 Nonwoven Cabric Cases

2x Hot and Cold Compresses 13 x 14 cm Incl. 2 Nonwoven Cabric Cases

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Product details for Cold Warm compresses

Cold Warm compresses are durable, reusable and suitable eg for small sports injuries.

Hot and cold compresses 2 pieces including 2 nonwoven fabric cases

IntroductionHot and cold compresses consist of a gel-filled bag that stores heat or cold.

Use as a cold compressRemove compress about 2 hours in the freezer - then the compress is used.To avoid frostbite, a thin cloth should be placed between compress and skin. So-called non-woven cases are available for each compresses size.

Use as a warm compressCompress about 5 - 10 minutes to remove approximately 80 ° C hot water. Again, to avoid burns put a thin cloth or a damp towel between the skin and compress.

Warnings- For external use only- Max. Application time 20 minutes- At least 30 minutes rest between applications- From cardiovascular diseases and sugar always a doctor must be consulted- Suitable microwave

Never use damaged compresses more.Disposal of domestic waste.

Warning: hot and cold compresses should be used only for their intended purpose.