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Hot and Cold Compress, 1 item

Hot and Cold Compress, 1 item

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Product details for Hot and Cold Compress

Hot and Cold Compresses are durable, reusable and suitable to aid in the treatment of minor sporting injuries.

Hot and cold compress, 1 item.

Hot and cold compresses consist of a gel-filled plastic bag able to retain heat or cold for longer periods of time.

Use as cold compress

For cooling purposes, keep the compress in a freezer for at least two hours. To avoid frostbite, insert a layer of cloth between compress and skin. Nonwoven fabric covers are available for each compress size.

Use as hot compress

Keep the compress in hot water for about five to ten minutes. The water temperature should be about 80 degrees Celsius. To avoid any burning of the skin, insert a layer of cloth or a damp towel between skin and compress. Nonwoven fabric covers are available for each compress size.

Warning notices

  • For external use only
  • max. application time 20 minutes
  • rest at least 30 minutes between applications
  • always consult a doctor first, if the user suffers from cardiovascular diseases or diabetes
  • microwave-proof

Do not continue to use damaged compresses. Instead, dispose of damaged compresses with your regular domestic waste.


hot and cold compresses should be used for their intended purpose only.

Delivery contents:

1 hot and cold compress