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Inhaler IH 40, ultrasonic, air flow controller, short inhalation time

Inhaler IH 40, ultrasonic, air flow controller, short inhalation time

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Product details for Inhaler IH 40

The inhaler Beurer IH 40 runs on ultrasound, has a replaceable medication container and its high atomisation a short inhalation time.

Properties from the inhaler IH 40

  • by ultrasound technology
  • disinfection capable
  • High proportion of respirable particles
  • high nebulization performance - greater than 0.4 ml / min
  • short inhalation time
  • Replaceable medication container
  • Nebulisation is illuminated in blue
  • with air flow regulator
  • Abscahaltautomatik
  • very quiet
  • requires relatively little power
  • is very suitable for driving on Travel
  • Size: 30 x 18 x 10 cm
  • incl. mouthpiece, adult mask, children's mask
  • Network operation
  • Medical product

Properties of the ultrasonic technology

  • an ultrasound source brings water into high-frequency vibrations wherein the inhalant medication contained in the container is also vibrated.
  • Thus dissolve from the inhalant individual particles.
  • These are mixed with air via the air duct and a fan ensures that this inhalant-air mixture is fed through a mask or mouthpiece to the patient.

Applications from the inhaler IH 21

  • for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract
  • colds, asthma or other respiratory illness