Clearview Exact Strep A, streptococcus A cassette tests, 25 item

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Clearview Exact Strep A, Streptokokken A Test, Kassettenformat, 25 St

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Product details for Streptococcus A Test

The Clearview Exact Strep A, a rapid test for the detection of group A streptococci, is applied in the throat area and provides over 15 minutes the result.

Properties of Streptococcus A Test

  • cassette format
  • Evidence of Group A
  • throat swabs
  • Quick test
  • over 15 minutes
  • Specificity: 99%
  • Sensitivity: 95.2%
  • 25 cassettes per pack test

Content from Streptococcus A Test

  • swabs
  • test devices
  • extraction tube
  • sharpen
  • required reagents
  • a positive control
  • a negative control

Applications from Streptococcus A Test

  • for the diagnosis of group A streptococci
  • in throat swabs in the practice and the culture in the laboratory confirmation