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Cooling Bandage

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MEDIVID BANDAGE, als Kühl-Bandage, Baumwolle, saugend, 10cmx4m
MEDIVID BANDAGE, as cooling bandage, cotton, absorbent, 10cmx4m

The MediVid bandage is used to prepare the MediVid CRYO cooling bandage. It consists of cotton, the liquid absorbs well and passes it off perfectly.

Content 4 Meter (£0.82 * / 1 Meter)
£3.26 * incl. VAT £2.74 * excl. VAT

Shipping weight 0.3 kg

plus shipping costs

Hartmann DermaPlast CoolFix, kühlende Stützbinde, 6 cm x 4 m, türkis
Hartmann DermaPlast CoolFix, 6 cm x 4 m, turquoise

DermaPlast CoolFix is a supportive and cooling bandage for sports injuries.

Content 4 Meter (£0.93 * / 1 Meter)
£3.72 * incl. VAT £3.13 * excl. VAT

Shipping weight 0.5 kg

plus shipping costs

Cool Down Ice Fluid, als Kühl-Bandage, Sofort-Hilfe, 2-3 Std, 250 ml
Cooldown Ice fluid as cooling bandage, emergency relief, 2-3 hr 125 ml

The Ice fluid by cool down, reduces swelling, is anti-inflammatory and relieves pain within seconds. It is used as a cooling bandage.

Content 0.125 Liter (£219.76 * / 1 Liter)
£27.47 * incl. VAT £23.08 * excl. VAT

Shipping weight 0.35 kg

plus shipping costs

MEDIVID CRYO SET, 125ml Fluid + Bandage + Tape + Box, Kühl-Bandage-Set
MediVid CRYO SET, 125 ml fluid + bandage + Box, cooling bandage set

The MediVid CRYO set includes 125 ml cooling fluid, a bandage 10cmx2m, a tape and a disposable box. The cooling bandage produced is immediately and versatile.

£38.39 * incl. VAT £32.26 * excl. VAT

Shipping weight 0.7 kg

plus shipping costs