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Alcohol Testers

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Ratiomed Einmal-Mundstücke für Alkoholtester, Rückatemsperre, 25 Stück
Ratiomed Disposable Mouthpieces for Breathalyzer, return valve, 25 items

The disposable mouthpieces of Ratiomed have a non-return valve are individually wrapped and suitable for the breathalyzer 4% o / o 5%.

£14.91 * incl. VAT £12.53 * excl. VAT

Shipping weight 0.3 kg

plus shipping costs

Megro Alkoholtester 4 Promille, digital, 3 Ziffern, Koffer/Zubehör
Megro Breathalyzer 4 per thousand, digital, 3 digits, suitcases

The digital alcohol tester Megro is very accurate by the display of the digit, has a memory of 99 measurements and must be calibrated every 6 months.

£160.24 * incl. VAT £134.66 * excl. VAT

Shipping weight 4 kg

plus shipping costs