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Visual Aids and Reading Aids

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Behrend Lupe, 2-fache Vergrößerung, versch. Ausführungen
Behrend magnifying glass, 2 times magnification, diff. Versions

The magnifying glass by Behrend, as a reading aid with 2x magnification, is in 4 variants, as leaf magnifier, reading bar, neck magnifier Table Magnifier available.

£4.85 * incl. VAT £4.08 * excl. VAT

Shipping weight 0.5 kg

plus shipping costs

Behrend Handlupe, 2-/4-fache Vergrößerung, rechteckig oder rund
Behrend hand magnifier, 2- / 4-fold magnification, angular or circular

The hand magnifier by Behrend, with 2- / 4-fold magnification is available as round or rectangular (with retractable handle) design.

£7.83 * incl. VAT £6.58 * excl. VAT

Shipping weight 0.25 kg

plus shipping costs