Holthaus Medical YPSILIN® wound cleansing set, cleasing-fluid / -wipes

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Holthaus Medical YPSILIN® Wundreinigungsset, Reinigungs-Fluid /-Tücher

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Product details for YPSILIN® wound cleansing set

The wound-cleaning kit by Holthaus Medical, for purification of small cuts, crushing, abrasions and puncture wounds, consists of wound cleaning fluid and cloths.

Properties of wound-cleaning kit

  • 50 ml or 100 ml wound cleansing fluid
  • in practical spray bottle
  • 10 or 20 wound cleansing wipes
  • Wet compresses
  • each wipe is individually wrapped
  • Dimensions of linen: 140 x 190 mm

Applications of wound-cleaning kit

  • for cleaning of small cutting, crushing, abrasions and puncture wounds