Plum rinsing station for 1x1L with wall mount and pictogram

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Plum Spülstation für 1x1L mit Wandhalterung und Piktogramm

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Product details for rinsing pH balanced

The Plum rinsing station for larger parts of the body with 1000 ml pH neutral rinse is suitable for jobs being worked on with acids and alkali.

Propertiesof pH neutral rinse with wall mount

  • Wall station with 1,000 ml pH Neutral with a special spray head, which ensures a uniform distribution of liquid over a large body area
  • with wall mount and enclosed pictogram
  • can be mounted on almost any workplace Contents
  • there is no water supply

Applications of rinse station

  • body flushing
  • useful supplement to fixed emergency showers
  • is suitable for jobs where working with acids and alkalis