Ratiomed Chlamydia rapid test, in-vitro diagnostics, 10 min., 20 tests

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Ratiomed Chlamydia Schnelltest, in-vitro-Diagnostik, 10 Min, 20 Sets

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Product details for Chlamydia Rapid Test

The Chlamydia antigen test by Ratiomed for in-vitro diagnostics for the detection of Chlamydia from endocervical, male urethral swabs or urine samples.

Properties of Chlamydia Rapid Test

  • medical test
  • immunological rapid test
  • Detection of Chlamydia antigens
  • of cervical smear in women
  • from urethral swab in men
  • or urine samples from the man
  • Result within 10 minutes.
  • only for professional in-vitro diagnostic
  • 20 tests per package

Content of Chlamydia Rapid Test

  • test devices
  • instructions
  • test tube
  • Reagent A (0.2 M NaOH)
  • tube rack
  • dropping tips
  • Reagent B (0.2N HCl)
  • quantitative pipette - according to Directive 93/42 / EEC
  • sterilized swab for cervical smear

Applications of Chlamydia Rapid Test

  • for rapid, qualitative detection of chlamydia directly from endocervical of women, and male urethral swabs and urine samples from men