Ratiomed Urine EasyScreen 5 + N, rapid detection, 100 items

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Urinteststreifen EASYscreen 10SL ratiomed von Megro, 100 Stück

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Product details for urine test strips Easy Screen 5 + N

The unique Easy Screen Urine Test Strips from Ratiomed serve the detection of glucose, ascorbic acid, protein, pH, blood and nitrite in urine.

Properties of urine test strips

  • rapid detection
  • handy
  • long grip area
  • very hygienic to use
  • Comparison scales - Paint pressure process
  • highest color consistency and comparability
  • unambiguous assignment of the glucose concentration at 50 mg / dl - color change: yellow to green
  • optimum setting the range limits - color change: yellow to green to blue

Application of urine tests

  • for rapid determination of glucose, ascorbic acid, protein, pH, nitrite and blood in the urine
  • in the laboratory
  • in all medical fields