Instrument cleaner Bodedex® forte by Bode, patented, all sizes

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Instrumenten-Reiniger Bodedex® forte von BODE, patentiert, alle Größen

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Product details for Instrument Cleaner

The instruments cleaner Bodedex® forte of BODE with patented system for cleaning of thermolabile and thermostable instruments.

With the innovative automatic formulation stubborn residues of blood, protein, secretions, grease, biofilms and x-ray contrast agents may even be reliably removed.

Features from the instrument cleaner

  • strong cleaning power
  • dissolves residues of contrast media
  • dissolves biofilms
  • high material compatibility
  • used in an ultrasonic bath

Applications from Instrument Cleaner

  • for powerful yet gentle cleaning of thermolabile and thermostable instruments
  • incl. flexible endoscopes
  • and laboratory equipment