Halsted Arterial Clamp by Hartmann, anatomical bent, 12,5 cm

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Arterienklemme nach Halsted anatomisch gebogen 12,5 cm

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Product details for Halsted Arterial Clamp

Disposable mosquito clamps with special Halsted form for seizing and holding aof tissue.

  • 25 items per package

The Halsted arterial clamps by Hartmann are disposable instruments and are clearly marked as such. They possess an arresting interlock and hold their position firm untill released. The anatomically bent mosquito clamp is made of non-reflective steel and is 12,5 cm long.


  • arterial clamp
  • Halsted form
  • anatomical bent
  • length: 12,5 cm
  • brushed steel
  • non-reflective
  • sterile storage life: 5 years
  • fine and precise
  • arresting interlock
  • individually wrapped (sterile)

Fields of application:

  • disposable, sterile instrument for ambulances and surgery
  • for seizing and holding of tissue
  • to stop bleeding