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Absorbent Zetuvit® Plus Hartmann, various sizes - 10 cm x 10 cm

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There are very absorbent, wound dressings with a special kind of soft absorbent body pulp fluff... more

Product details for absorbent dressing

The absorbent dressing Zetuvit® Plus Hartmann is individually packaged sterile and has a superabsorbent for extremely high suction power.

There are very absorbent, wound dressings with a special kind of soft absorbent body pulp fluff and high speicherfähigem superabsorbent, surrounded by a fluid distributing web. In addition, the compresses are water-resistant, air permeable special cloth on the sore side facing away from the contamination protection, which is to prevent application errors dyed green ist.Die outer envelope of waterproof, do not be bonded two-layer fleece that passes through its capillary secretions rapidly into the absorbent core. Zetuvit Plus is soft and breathable, easy to drape, with high cushioning effect.

Applications of the absorbent pad

  • to supply highly exuding wounds in all medical fields such. as in surgical wounds, lymphatic-related wounds, leg ulcers, tumors exulcerating
  • as a wound dressing under compression bandages
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Hartmann AG is one of the largest manufacturers of dressing materials such as plasters or gauze bandages, surgical disposable tools and other surgical accessories as well as dispenser systems for disinfectants and cleaning agents. In the field of medicine, Hartmann also manufactures products for in-patient or home care. For example, we also have special pads, templates and briefs that are used in cases of incontinence. We also carry various skin care products from Hartmann AG. For athletes, we offer cooling compresses, ice spray and cooling gel from Hartmann.

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