Menalind professional protect Transp. Skin Protection Cream, 200 ml

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Menalind professional protect Transp. Hautschutzcreme, 200 ml

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Product details for skin protection cream

The Hartman Menalind professional protect transparent skin protection cream for skin is that aggressive substances such as urine u. Are exposed chair used.

The highly protective and effective transparent barrier cream is applied thinly to these sites.

Properties of the skin protection cream

  • with the quality Nutriskin Protection Complex
  • rich with natural almond oil
  • with moisturizing amino acid
  • energielieferndem with creatine
  • essential unsaturated fatty acids with anti-inflammatory
  • forming a transparent protective film
  • absorbs quickly
  • acts odor-neutralizing
  • without zinc oxide
  • W / O / W emulsion

Anwendungsbeeiche skin protection cream

  • for bedridden or incontinent patient
  • specially designed for use with incontinence products, the suction power does not restrict