Putter-haft tie, short-stretch bandage Hartmann, cohesive, 1 binding

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Pütter-haft Binde, Kurzzugbinde von Hartmann, kohäsiv, 1 Binde

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Product details for short-stretch-bandage

The cohesive short-stretch bandage Pütter way of Hartmann has a secure adhesion.

Properties of the short-stretch bandage

  • cohesive
  • textile elasticity
  • Elongation 60%
  • double-sided adhesive effect for non-slip fit
  • very high working pressure
  • low resting pressure
  • to wear even at rest
  • breathable
  • sterilized (by autoclaving at 134 ° C)
  • skin colors
  • 100% Cotton
  • with latex-free coating

Applications of short-stretch bandage

  • for strong compression
  • in chronic venous Stauungsödemen, healed leg ulcers, thrombophlebitis
  • for the treatment of venous disease and Phleboarthrosis the knee
  • as support and relief association with lesions of the musculoskeletal system
  • as a sports bandage