Nail Cleaner, isopropanol 70%, degreaser, strawberry scent, 1,000 ml

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Product details for Nail Cleaner

Our nail cleaner of 70% isopropanol, the cleaning and degreasing of natural nails before making a gel modellage and to remove the sticky layer after curing is used.

Furthermore, also brush and other products to clean it.

Properties from the nail cleaner

  • Isopropanol 70%
  • medicine after the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.)
  • readily soluble in water
  • evaporates quickly
  • without residue
  • strawberry scent

Applications from Nail Cleaner

  • nail Salon
  • beauty salon
  • for cleaning and degreasing of nails
  • applicable to all systems such as UV gel, acrylic, fiberglass and silk