Metzenbaum Scissors, blunt, by Hartmann, 25 items, 14,5 cm

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Metzenbaumschere gebogen stumpf 25 Stück

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Product details for Metzenbaum Scissors

Fine scissors to cut and prepare tissue.

  • 25 items per package

Metzenbaum Scissors of the Peha-instrument series are ready to use, sterile and individually wrapped. The disposable scissors are used for deep cuts into human tissue. They are made from brushed steel, 14,5 cm long and are non-reflective. Clearly marked as disposable on both sides, mix-ups with sterilisable equipment are ruled out.


  • Metzenbaumschere
  • blunt/blunt
  • length: 14,5 cm
  • brushed steel
  • non-reflective
  • sterile storage life: 5 years
  • individually wrapped (sterile)
  • marked as disposable

Fields of application

  • sterile, disposable scissors
  • ambulances and surgery
  • cutting and preparation of tissue