Ratiomed Dermojet high-pressure injector, needle-free injection, 0,1ml

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Ratiomed Dermo-Jet HR Druckinjektor, nadelfreie, subkutane Injektion

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Product details for Dermojet high-pressure injector

The Ratiomed Dermojet HR high-pressure injector, for administration by needle-free, subcutaneous injections is adjusted to 0.1 ml and has a 4 ml container (40 doses)

It is used exclusively by medical persons for local anesthesia, injection of corticosteroids, vaccinations on prescription and to check their compatibility.

Properties of Dermojet high-pressure injector

  • pre 0.1 ml doses
  • 4 ml container
  • Capacity for 40 doses
  • Variability of the dose of + - to 5%
  • easy to handle, hygienic reusable device
  • quick and easy filling agent syringe
  • ready for immediate use

Applications of Dermojet high-pressure injector

  • for the needle-free, subcutaneous injections of 0.1 ml doses under local anesthesia, injection of corticosteroids, vaccinations on prescription
  • ideal for children and patients with needle phobia
  • for an emergency
  • for daily subcutaneous injections

Note to Dermojet high-pressure injector

  • In general, it should not be used in areas where pressure injections might cause damage. This applies particularly to the eyeball and the blood vessels.