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B.Braun Ears Suture Set, 5/0, 5X15cm, 12PCS, 2xGS20

B.Braun Ears Suture Set, 5/0, 5X15cm, 12PCS, 2xGS20

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Product details - Ears Suture Set

B. Braun's Ear Set is a non-resorbable special suture set for reconstructing the pinna using costal cartilage.

The set includes 5 Steelex® stainless steel threads and matching accessories.

Properties of Ear Set

  • Content: 5 Steelex® stainless steel threads, double armored with a straight, cutting needle, accessories: 2 straight cutting needles for fixation of the cartilaginous framework
  • Excellent tissue compatibility
  • Stability of the cartilage implant by steel wire
  • Material: stainless steel
  • not absorbable
  • Thread structure: monofilament
  • Color: metallic
  • Strength: USP 5/0
  • Sterilization: ethylene oxide

Applications of Ear Set

  • for the reconstruction of the auricle