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Hartmann Peha-soft® Nitrile fino

Hartmann Peha-soft® Nitrile fino

The Phea-soft nitrile is a one-time examination glove made of particularly soft, purple-colored nitrile rubber. The latex-free gloves are powder-free and easy to put on by polymer coating. The textured finger areas provide perfect grip for perfect feel. Is particularly tearproof, safe and highly elastic. 150 pieces per box Details

Brand new

Brand new: The new Dispenser-Generation at Medicalcorner24®:

The new Cleansafe-Dispenser from Hartmann Bode for a unique competitive special price. Thanks to a complete new designed Dispenser bottle the highly effective Sterillium Gel® is completely non-drip - drip pans are now things of the past. Because of the collapsible overhead bottles of some dosing pumps, the Cleansafe-Dispenser are convenient maintenance-free - an expensive preparation is not longer necessary. 


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Glucose Meters

Diabetes requires constant monitoring of blood sugar levels , so we offer a wide range of blood glucose meters , test strips and lancets .

The modern glucometers enter the values ​​in mmol / l or mg / dl and provide diabetics with varied functions , Speech and illuminated displays a complete comfort .



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