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Cutasept Feet, perfume-free foot spray by Bode

Cutasept Feet, perfume-free foot spray by Bode

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Product details for Cutasept Feet

Cutasept Feet is a foot spray with double effectiveness for vitalising foot care and to prevent athlete´s foot.

Cutasept Feet by Bode is a perfume-free, alcoholic foot spray with double effectiveness. It is used for vitalizing foot care and for reliable prophylaxis of athlete´s foot. The spray acts refreshing, cooling and acts preventive against agents that cause athlete´s foot. Since athlete´s foot can easily spread over infected danders, the spray can be applied on shoes and socks as well. It needs about 30 seconds to act.


  • quick acting
  • vitalising freshness for strained feet
  • preventive against athlete´s foot
  • gentle on the skin
  • perfume-free and colourant-free

Fields of application:

  • when shoes and socks are worn over longe rperiods of time
  • if exchanging shoes with other people – for example bowling-shoes
  • wash- and showering-rooms
  • sauna and baths
  • changing rooms
  • hotel rooms
  • fitness and sports studios
  • solarium


  • isopropyl alcohol
  • aqua
  • benzalkonium chlorid


Do not apply to open wounds or close to the eyes.