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Decontaman antimicrobial wash lotion by Dr. Schumacher, all sizes

Decontaman antimicrobial wash lotion by Dr. Schumacher, all sizes

Artikel Nr: DSM 00-405-001-K
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Product details for antimicrobial wasching lotion

Decontaman is a decontaminating washing lotion for hands, skin and hair displaying excellent cleaning properties.

Decontaman is ideally suited for use in cases of heavy organic soiling with protein, blood and fat, e.g. for prophylaxis against infections in kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes
as well as in the food industry. The product is extremely gentle to the skin and free of phenols, aldehydes, alcohols and colourants. The perfume contained is free of all potentially allergenic ingredients. Decontaman is suitable for hygienic handwashing according to European standard EN 1499 and DGHM-guidelines and for antimicrobial body washing in cases of MRSA contamination or contamination with other antibiotic-resistant pathogens. It can
also be used for hair washing, especially in cases of dry scalp,
scale formation or itching of the scalp.

Properties of antimicrobial wasching lotion

  • fast acting
  • for MRSA/ORSA/VRE sanitation
  • contains Polyhexanide

Applications of antimicrobial wasching lotion

  • antimicrobial body/hair washing in cases of colonisation with MRSA or other multi-resistant pathogenic organisms
  • hygienic hand washing according to VAH/DGHM

Dosage and exposure times of antimicrobial wasching lotion

  • body washing in case of MRSA 30 sec
  • hygienic hand washing acc. to VAH/DGHM
  • prEN 12054/EN 1499 30 sec
  • Hepatitis B virus/HIV 30 sec