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Ecolab Hand Disinfection Skinman Complete, Sizes

Ecolab Hand Disinfection Skinman Complete, Sizes

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Product details - Hand Disinfection Skinman Complete

Ecolab Skinman™ complete is a virucidal hand disinfectant for daily use.

Skinman™ complete by Ecolab is a hand disinfectant that offers maximal safety against virulent infections by regular daily use. Even when used regularly, the disinfectant is gentle on the skin. Skinman™ complete is free from colorants and virucidal according to RKI. It acts bactericidal (including MRSA and TB), levurocidal and limitedly virucidal against HIV, HBV and HCV. It also is efficient against noro-, adeno- and rotaviruses. For application, rub Skinman™ complete unthinned into the dry hands.

The hand disinfectant is available in the sizes 100 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter.

Properties of Skinman™ complete

  • for daily hand disinfection
  • free from colorants
  • skin-friendly
  • quick-acting
  • efficient against bacteria and yeasts
  • efficient against noro-, adeno- and rotaviruses
  • flammable
  • available in sizes 100 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter

Important Information

Skinman® complete solution for application on the skin.

Ingredients: 100 g of the solution for application on the skin contain 95,7 g denaturated ethanol 96% v/v (respective 89,0 g ethanol). Other ingredients are: Denaturants: butan-2-on (1% v/v); macrogol-6-glycerolcaprylocaprat, milk acid (90%), perfume oil 99-6616 (contains orange oil with more than 90% lime), cleaned water.

Areas of application: Skinman® complete is an alcoholic disinfectant for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.

Counter-indications: In rare cases, Skinman® complete can cause skin irritations like redding or a burning sensation as well as contact allergies. Alcoholic hand disinfectants can dry out the skin and cause skin irritations, especially in low humidity (e.g. in winter).

Safety instructions: Only for external use. Skinman® complete is easily flammable (danger of fire and explosions). In case of spilling, following measures are to be taken: collecting the liquid, thinning with lots of water, ventilation of air inside the room and removal of all sources of fire or sparks. Keep product away from open fire. Let product dry before handling electric devices. Take care when using Skinman® complete on alcohol-sensitive surfaces. Do not use close to eyes, on wounded skin or on mucosae. In case of contact with eyes or mucosae, immediately rinse with lots of water (in case of eyes also underneath the eyelids).

Date: 06/2016

Ecolab Deutschland GmbH, Ecolab-Allee 1, 40789 Monheim am Rhein.