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Euronda E9 Med Autoklav Steriliser Class B, 18 or 24 litres

Euronda E9 Med Autoklav Steriliser Class B, 18 or 24 litres

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Product details for Class B E9 Med Autoklav

The E9 Med Autoklav is a sterilisation device with many accessories.

The E9 Med Autoklav offers different sterilisation cycles (b-cycles only) to find the fitting programme for any need. Safely packaged instruments can also be sterilised, no matter if they are solid, hollow or porose. The E9 is very easy to handle, doesn´t take up much space and is also easy to clean. Fresh water and used water tanks are easy to reach. The integrated thermo printer can print all mandatory sterilisation results. The results can also be saved, using the E-Memory data management system which is also available in our shop.


  • class B Autoklav
  • integrated thermo printer
  • economical
  • easy inspection and cleaning of fresh water and used water tanks by the user
  • integrated air-steam-separator

Standard equipment:

  • 4 x perforated aluminium tray
  • 1 x tray removal handle
  • water hoses
  • 1 x cleaning sponge

Technical data:

  • stainless steel vacuum chamber with 18 or 24 litres capacity
  • capacity of water tank: 4 litres
  • dimensions: 45 x 44,5 x 61 cm (width, height, length)
  • weight: 40 kg (18 litres) or 42 kg (24 litres)
  • supply voltage: 1400 W 6,1 A (18 litres) / 1800 W 7,8 A (24 litres)
  • net voltage: 230 V 50/60 Hz
  • working temperature: 5 - 40 degrees Celsius
  • medium noise level: 50 db


  • EN 13060
  • EN ISO 14971
  • EN 61010-1
  • EN 61010-2-040
  • EN 61326
  • EN 13445

Protective measures:

  • protection against short circuits, overheating, overpressure
  • protection against accidental opening of doors
  • process evaluation system
  • self-diagnosis in real time

Fields of application:

  • for safe sterilisation of packaged instruments (solid, hollow or porose)

The E9 Med Autoklav is available in different versions.