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Luxamed dual head stethoscope, LuxaScope Sonus, size and color choice

Luxamed dual head stethoscope, LuxaScope Sonus, size and color choice

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Product details for Sonus stethoscope

The dual head stethoscope with stainless steel chestpiece and optimal sound transmission from Luxamed are available for adults, children or newborns.. 

All versions of the LuxaScope Sonus family series are latex free and equal equipped, only the diameter of the membrane is different. The chest piece stainless steel ensures optimum sound and the Y-tube with 3-way tie for the excellent sound transmission in the ear canal. The stethoscopes offer a high wearing comfort thanks to the soft ear tips that fit the ear canal and the ergonomically curved ear hooks made of stainless steel with reinforced spring that can also be a long shelf life.

Propertiesof the stethoscope LuxasScope Sonus

  • Stainless steel chestpiece
  • best sound
  • High performance glass fiber membrane with chill ring
  • ergonomically curved stainless steel ear hook
  • Ear hook with an extra strong spring
  • optimal wearing comfort
  • screw-soft Ohroliven- adaptation to the ear canal
  • Y-tube with 3-way connector
  • optimal transmission of sound into the ear canal
  • latex-free
  • no use of phthalates (plasticizers)
  • incl. spare (one pair of hard and soft eartips,
  • Membrane and membrane ring) and a name plate
  • Applications from dual head stethoscope
  • Diagnostic aid in patient examination
  • for cardiology

Size and color of the stethoscopes

LuxaScope Sonus Adult

  • for adults
  • 75 cm long
  • 44 mm diaphragm
  • Colours: black, navy blue, gray

LuxaScope Sonus Pediatric

  • for children
  • 75 cm long
  • 35 mm diaphragm
  • Colors: red, royal blue, green

LuxaScope Sonus Neonatal

  • for children
  • 75 cm long
  • 28 mm diaphragm
  • Colors: red, royal blue, green

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