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Noba Rudafilm Dialysis Catheter Bag, sterile, self-adhesive, 25 pcs

Noba Rudafilm Dialysis Catheter Bag, sterile, self-adhesive, 25 pcs

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Product details - Rudafilm Dialysis Catheter Bag

The Noba RUDAFILm® Dialysis Catheter Bag is a safe and fast catheter fixation device that provides protection against slippage and contamination.

The bag is sterile packed, consists of a high-absorbent non-woven material, which is equipped with a self-adhesive polyurethane film, for easy application in the area of the catheter exit point. The film ensures water vapor permeability and provides a barrier to water and bacteria. The lower end of the bag is fixed by the nonwoven strip.

Properties of Dialysis Catheter Bag

  • sterile
  • made of absorbent nonwoven fabric
  • with self-adhesive polyurethane film
  • fast and secure fixation
  • Foil is permeable to water vapor
  • represents a barrier to water and bacteria
  • Composition: non-woven fabric, polyurethane film with hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive, nonwoven dressing with hypoallergenic hotmelt adhesive
  • Medical device according to MPG
  • Directive 93/42 / EEC
  • is classified in Class Is based on Rule 4
  • Sterilization complies with the specifications of DIN EN 11137
  • Contains no dangerous toxic substances according to REACH
  • CE and DIN EN ISO 15223-1 marking
  • 1 pack a'25 pieces

Applications of Dialysis Catheter Bag

  • for safe and quick fixation of dialysis catheter
  • provides protection against mechanical stress and contamination

Contraindications to Rudafilm dialysis catheter bag

  • Known allergy to one of the u. G. Components, infected catheter exit site


  • For newly placed catheters, it is recommended to cover the wound with a suitable primary dressing before attaching the RUDAFILM® dialysis catheter bag