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SEMYTop White Household Paper, 2-layered, 12 x 2 rolls

SEMYTop White Household Paper, 2-layered, 12 x 2 rolls

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Product details for SEMYTop Household Paper

SEMYTop household paper rolls are versatile, pure white, 2-layered and structure impregnated. Each roll holds 52 highly absorptive sheets.

The household paper is not only fitting for the kitchen, but for many fields of applications, like in medical practices, laboratories, beauty parlours, canteen kitchens or restaurants. They are suitable for cleaning purposes and to absorb liquids.


  • 2-layered
  • cellulose wool, structure impregnated SEMYTop
  • high absorptive capacity
  • pure white
  • perforated (for easy tearing)
  • 52 sheets per roll
  • sheet dimensions: 26 x 21 cm
  • 12 x 2 rolls (24 rolls)

Fields of application:

  • cleaning surfaces and absorbing liquids