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Soft foam compresses Syspur-derm® Hartmann, sterile, 10 pieces

Soft foam compresses Syspur-derm® Hartmann, sterile, 10 pieces

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Product details for soft foam compress

The soft foam compresses Syspur-derm® of Hartmann are individually sealed sterile and are used for wound conditioning.

They are therapeutically effective Weichschaumkompressen from two-layer polyurethane foam. The open-pored, adhering to the wound surface underside serves as a matrix for tissue formation - by ingrowth of granulation cells is stimulated and encouraged. In addition, the compacted, fine-porous top layer acts as a barrier against secondary infections.

Applications of Weichschaumkompresse

  • for the conditioning of wounds and ulcers
  • with stagnating granulation
  • for temporary cover extensive skin defects and open fractures
  • in preparation for skin grafting